27 Memories for 27 Years

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It's my birthday today - officially - 39 minutes ago. Why am I up you ask? This sweet baby boy falling [back]asleep on my chest says it all. Thought he may be giving me a full night's sleep for my birthday, but he must have something else up his sleeve.
So here I am with a half-asleep baby, my iPhone, and thoughts running through my head - so here goes. 27 random, some meaningful - others not so much, memories of my life.

1. My dad taking me fishing at the Clear Springs fish hatchery. Brilliant Dad! It's almost a bigger challenge not to catch a fish!

2. Taking a reading book test in fourth grade on James and the Giant Peach, and getting an F because my teacher found out I had only watched the movie and never even picked the book up!

3. Crying at a freeway entrance in Utah because my dad was teaching me how to drive a stick shift and told me I had to get on the freeway and practice it. I was mortified!

4. Going through my sister Beth's earring "book" and wishing I could wear all of them!

5. Collecting money from my paper route and riding my bike over to IGA before I headed home to buy a Shasta from the machine outside. [One time I did this on a Sunday and justified it because I wasn't making anyone work *gasp* Don't judge, I obviously have felt bad ever since.]

6. Running away to our neighborhood water heater when I was upset. I would stay for hours - don't worry, I would pack saltines and Vienna sausages in my backpack in case I got hungry.

7. Picking dandelions in our yard. My dad would pay us a penny for each one picked.

8. Going to Lagoon and thinking that it HAS to be better than Disneyland!

9. My sister volunteering to "trim" my hair and end up with nothing short (haha) of a boy haircut!

10. Making a puppet show out of dancing shoes and putting on a show for my family to the tune of Sound of Music.

11. Dyeing my hair bright red the day before high school graduation and being told that I may not be able to walk because they had a "no extreme hair/dress" rule. It was not supposed to be that bright!

12. Taking my convertible in high school out on Blue Lakes with the top down in the dead of winter.

13. Skipping seminary once to go to Arby's and feeling forever guilty about it.

14. Waking up early in the morning with my family to read scriptures before school. I never appreciated a hot breakfast every day until I went off to college and there was none. Thanks Mom!

15. Going to my first concert - N'Sync with Tasha and her mom. Her mom wore earplugs the whole time. I thought I was in heaven!

16. Weeding our garden, snapping beans and shucking corn. Wasn't fun at the time, but now I would love to have a garden like that!

17. Home-made ice cream in our backyard for a neighborhood block party.

18. Taking quarters from Tracie Buttars' dad's water jug (with permission, don't worry) and having Carrie drive us to Fiesta Ole to get Bavarian cream empanadas.

19. Apartment shopping with my mom at ISU. We literally just walked around on the outskirts of campus until we found something we liked.

20. Getting told I wasn't "beefy enough" to play basketball in 7th grade by Mrs. Carter, when it came down to me and Jenna Benkuka. She said she was looking for more of a guard than a post.

21. Watching my family leave through a different door at the MTC, and seeing my dad cry.

22. Going to the Valentine's Day institute dance with the cutest kid who just happen to live across the street from me.

23. Falling in love with my best friend and knowing that I wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of my life with him.

24. Finding out I was pregnant, starting a new job and house hunting all within the same week.

25. Staring at the most beautiful baby I have ever seen and wondering how 5 minutes before, he was inside of me.

26. Singing the Wizard of Oz song to Aiden in the most annoying munching voice ever and hearing him laugh for the first time.

27. Sitting here with my baby on my arms, and hearing him laugh in his sleep.

27 years has been good to me. I am so blessed. Here's to 27+ more!


Dan and Julie Fisher said...

#5 is so hilarious. Shasta pop on Sunday. Straight to hell my friend!

Ashley said...

I HAD NO IDEA...that Arby's served breakfast! :)

Tracie said...

I love #18! I totally forgot about that. Paying for everything in change! So great. I also remember when you came over to our house crying because you thought you reset the odometer in your dad's car back to zero. We were both so worried until my dad told us you can't do that and that you just reset the tripometer!

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