Wedding Weekend

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Two of the greatest days of my life were March 20 & 21 - my wedding and both receptions. March 22 came in a close second - the day it was all over!

I love my husband more than anything in the world... that is why I included picture #2. This is why I married him!

Checking out the mass welcoming party...

Yup babe...this is it! :)

We were prompted to kiss by our photographer and I quote "15 seconds after you come out". He's an amazing man with some mad skill! Yay Devin Hillam!


Good support! (I know you're all trying to look for yourself in this one - I do it all the time!)

Mission friends! I love the TNM!

Together Forever

Awkward arm placement

Ring payment: priceless

Isn't he cute?

I approve!

Maybe he should have done this before we got married!

No doubt....we're eating!

Thanks to everyone who came!

Thanks to Sheila for the bueno comida!

I must admit...

I think we had the most gorgeous cake ever!

Wow... I didn't think anyone could see us under there!

So suave!

My bridesmaides: Whitney (sis-in-law), Jamie (sis-in-law), Beth (sis), Melissa (new sis-in-law), and Beccah (former roomie)

These are a few of my favorite things!

My 92-year old grandma tickling the ivories! She amazed everyone!

Dave Crosby - Mikey's mission companion. He pretty much IS Jack Johnson!

First dance with my dad

Our first dance - to our song "So Close" by Jon McLaughlin

I hope you're all ready for this....

I don't think you are...

Ok. This is just hilarious!
My old mission companion vs. the server girl

I LOVED my dress!

My friend Amy = my saving grace! She's the best hair dresser EVER!

Feel the love!

My mom made me this along with the entire Young Women's class when she was YW prez! I randomly found it at the back of my closet when I was moving my stuff to Twin.

What a stud!

One of my favs! Mikey's helping me put on my necklace!

Groomsmen: Spencer (Mikey's mission friend/my co-worker), Ross (my bro), Rory (bro-in-law), Dave (Mikey's mission comp), Kyle (Mikey's former roommate), Brad (my bro)

Ring Ceremony

Jasmine was having contractions in the middle of the cermony! We love her for still making it!

Happily Ever After


Nathan, Tasha, and Jake said...

Hey Julie what a beautiful wedding!! I still haave that hanger your mom mad also, that is so funny. Well you have some great pictures you looked so good. Hope you had fun on the cruise, and can't wait to see pictures!!

Stewart and Becky said...

Julie and Mikey, You both look AMAZING and so Happy… that’s a good thing. It was great to see you both; sorry I was unable to make the actually wedding, but I was most defiantly was thinking of you! Your pictures look amazing; you both were made for each other. Loves Becky North

Anonymous said...

I still have that hanger too! Your mom will be so glad that all of her efforts didn't just go in the garbage!
Isn't it so fun to be married?!

overlyactive said...

Julie-I love all these pictures. I love how you can put a picture and then comment on it. How do you do this? I'm having the hardest time when I put a picture up to write anything near the picture. Devin said the wedding was absolutely beautiful! His exact words. =)

Devin Hillam said...

You guys looked good :)

Alyson said...

Hey Julie, You look Beautiful and your pictures all look so beautiful! I'm sorry I couldn't make it, I had to work, and it was too soon to my hire date to ask for a day off. Darn probationary periods =]. You guys look so perfect for each other =]

Rachael and Brad Huntsman said...

Amazing pictures. I'm sad we missed it. We had family in town that weekend. You look so amazing!!! But we need to get together some time. Doesn't Mike family or someone live here. So some weekend when you guys are here, lets play okay...okay. 520-2408 is my phone number in case you don't have it :)

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