Have a good summer

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This phrase was the old standby every year around this time in all of my year books. Kids I barely knew and some of my closest always seemed to write this in the first few or last pages of my book with their shiny, glitter gel pens (or black marker that bled through the other pages - you know who you are). But nonetheless the message is clear. "Have a good summer". Well, this year, I've decided to do just that. Here are my plans to make that happen.

1. Take Aiden swimming. The kid loves his bathtub so I'm hoping that translates to loving the pool. It's pretty much like a big tub anyway.

2. Go on lots of walks alongside the canyon trail behind our house.

3. Spend time with family.

4. Go to the Hogle Zoo with my niece and nephew. Aiden saw his first horse and some bunnies yesterday. He was in heaven and was grinning so big!

5. Eat Snoasis slushies in moderation - only once a day :)

6. Visit my friends in Utah, go to the new City Creek Mall, eat at PF Changs.

7. Go on lots of bike rides.

8. Visit my friends in Pocatello and go to Ross Park.

9. Fly to Vegas with Michael's work and stay at Mandalay Bay. Eat at buffets every night with Kallee and Ashley and convince them to move closer to Twin.

10. Celebrate Aiden's 1st Birthday!

This summer will prove to be memorable, I can just tell.

P.S. Have a good summer!


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