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Before Aiden came along, I always thought. Oh man, what should I blog about? When I have a baby I'll have sooo much to blog about. Little did I realize that I would also have so little time to actually do the blogging. So right now, the little munchkin is sleeping on my lap and depending on how long he sleeps - we may actually have a good update on here.

Well, there's no reason to play catch-up because it's been 3 months since the last post, but I will tell you that this little boy is the love of our lives! He is getting so big (and by that I mean his belly shows under his little t-shirts now). He's 115% for height and 95% for weight. If I can get by, I no longer carry him in his car seat - it's just too heavy.

Aiden will be 7 months next week. He is loving on his baby food so much, which is a relief, because we are battling the bottle right now. When I put the spoon up to his mouth, he attacks it like a shark. It's so funny to watch. Lately, he's even trying to grab the spoon and feed himself. He has 2 of his bottom teeth and the top 2 are coming in at the same time right now.

He loves his Johnny Jumper that his Aunt Beth and Uncle Wayne gave him. He could seriously entertain himself in it for quite a while. If you stand him on your legs, he'll do the jumping motions himself and try to bounce on you. He gets the biggest grin ever when he's doing it.

He loves music and loves it when you sing to him. His favorite song is still "100 Years" by Five for Fighting. It settles him down so much and helps him fall asleep. Luckily it is a song that I like, and after 6 months of listening to it I'm only slightly annoyed by it - which is actually pretty good.

Last month, Aiden and I were in a car accident, which left my Volvo in a pretty beat up mess. Michael and I were talking about getting me a new car soon anyway, and I knew the wagon was on it's last leg, so I put it up on Craigslist with pictures of the dents and figured if we got much of anything, we'd be in good shape. The cost to fix the damage was more than the car was worth, so we gave it a shot and someone bought it, giving us more than we thought we'd get. We ended up buying a Nissan Murano (which has always been my favorite SUV) and so far we love it! The leg room is incredible and it's really fun to drive.

Both Michael and I are enjoying our jobs. I am really spoiled with the flexibility of mine as I work from home. Aiden is pretty good while I work, but here pretty soon I have a feeling it is going to prove to be more difficult as he gets to be more mobile.

Well, the little man just woke up and his his crying leads me to believe his top teeth need a little attention. I think I'll go love on him. Here are some recent pictures for your viewing pleasure.


Kellie and Brandon said...

Julie, he is seriously too cute! If you're like me, I just can't believe our little babies are 7 months old. Kills me. Such a fun stage right now. Have a blast in Europe!

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